Lucky Tower

2021 • Game (In Production)
Created by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel

Lucky Tower Ultimate is the third part in the Lucky Tower series, our main project since 2020. It continues the legacy of series hero Von Wanst in a novel mix of Roguelike and absurd cartoon humor. The game was revealed in August 2021 and is set to release in 2024.

The original two Lucky Tower games are a two-part flash game series about the clumsy medieval hero Von Wanst. While the first part is based on quick intuitive gameplay and machine-gun-frequency slapstick, the second part lets you explore a vast world – though nonetheless soaked in the impromptu humour that made both titles accumulate millions of clicks among fans.

Making its leap from the outdated Flash platform onto Steam and Consoles, Lucky Tower Ultimate picks up the vibe of the two first games and adds in modern Roguelike and modular narratives, to turn it into an ultimatively juicy replayability funfest.


2024 • Game (In Production)

Created by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel



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Game Design by Anselm Pyta & Benedikt Hummel

Producer: Stefan Michel

Art, Animation by Anselm Pyta

Coding by Thilo Reisser, Josua Wolf

Additional Code: Yassine Boutaouas, Sarah Werum

Music: Anselm Pyta, Jan Roth, Jens Blankenburg

Voice Acting: Eric J. Montijo, Yotam Perel, Joshua Tomar

PR: Eric J. Montijo

Prototype funded by the MFG Baden-Württemberg and with the support of the Creative Europe Programme – MEDIA

•  Credits Lucky Tower I & II


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