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awards and honors

at A MAZE. 2019 for The Longing

at the IGF Awards 2020 for The Longing

BEST DEBUT at Deutscher Computerspielpreis 2020 for The Longing 

BEST STUDENT FILM NOMINATION at the Annie Awards 2018 for Good Night, Everybuds!

BEST ANIMATION at the Black Sea Film Fest 2018 for Good Night, Everybuds!

SUPERCOMM AWARD at the Supertoon Festival 2019 for Tapir Tapes

BRONZE AWARD at the Ciclope Festival 2019 for Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow

GRAND PRIX at Animafest Zagreb 2020 for Just a Guy

GOLDEN DRAGON at Krakow Film Festival 2020 for Just a Guy

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Studio Seufz (en: “Studio Sigh”) was founded in early 2017 by Stefan Michel, Anselm Pyta and Benedikt Hummel, and is based in Stuttgart, Germany. The studio is committed to creating animated films and indie games for young adults, focusing on emotional and existential content with an accessible design. All three founding members successfully graduated from fields surrounding Animation, Film- and Games Producing and Interactive Media at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Both Anselm and Benedikt had been creating small Flash games and animations since back in their teen years, some of which became viral hits on the Internet. So when they joined forces with Stefan Michel, the possibilities of what they could achieve together materialized in the form of Studio Seufz.  Since then the they are producing major commissions such as music videos for the Freddie Mercury anniversary release of “Love Me Like There’s No Tomorrow” while at the same time curating their video game hits like “Murder”, that reached a over 200 million clicks by now. 

The studio’s first premium game release is the experimental PC game “The Longing”, that the studio worked on since its founding year. It was already awarded the Long Feature Award at A MAZE. Berlin and received an IGF-finalist in 2020 for the Nuovo Award. At the Deutscher Computerspielpreis “The Longing” got the award for “Best Debut” along two other nominations. The game was released March 5th 2020 to critical acclaim and great responses from players.

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The studio’s biggest minigame hit Murder was ripped off and sold to players multiple times and its fake editions also gained major amounts of clicks respectively. The original game is free.

Anselm‘s Newgrounds profile. (Flash Games)

Benedikt‘s Newgrounds profile. (Flash Games)


Stefan. He’s a serious fella.

Benedikt made 12 games during the year 2013, one each month, together with Marius Winter as Major Bueno. Some of these games like Caesar’s Day Off, Moon Waltz and A Second Chance became crowd favourites on the internet.

Together with Marius Winter, Benedikt did a tour through Europe to visit Indie Game Developers and jam out small games with each. It became the documentary series Tour Bueno.

Anselm and Benedikt started making flash games together in the year 2004, both aged 14.

Anselm and Benedikt both once were interns at Studio Film Bilder, one of the oldest animation studios in Germany. Due to lucky circumstances, Studio Seufz is now based in the same building and on the same floor as them.


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